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"And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also" (2 Timothy 2:2).

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Standards and Regulations

Student Agreement

I.  Chapel.

  1. The day will begin at 8:00 am. Chapel will be held at 8:00 am each morning.

  2. The Director will plan chapel programs, which will include guest speakers with student participation.

  3. Occasionally a student may desire to invite a guest speaker to speak. This should be discussed with the director for proper arrangements.

  4. If occasion warrants, a student may be asked to postpone his lesson in order to allow a guest speaker to speak.

  5. Students and faculty are to end chapel talks at 8:25. Announcements will follow.

  6. All chapel exercises should be concluded not later than 8:30 am except for special occasions. All classes are to begin immediately following chapel.

  7. All students will be critiqued on chapel talks, and readings, or any speaking activity.

  8. All announcements must be written and handed to the director or instructor in charge before the beginning of chapel.

II.  Class Breaks.

  1. All classes will take a ten minute break after 50 minutes of study. Each class must be resumed promptly at the end of 10 minutes.

  2. No class is to be dismissed early, and all must start on time unless there is a justifiable reason, which must be arranged with the director.

III.  Grade and Examinations.

  1. Each student must complete every course to graduate. A grade will be given upon completion of every subject.

  2. Students are not to request any changes or variations in tests, or classes or anything that pertains thereto.

IV.  Dress and Cleanliness.

     The Administration and Faculty desire to instruct and advise all students in all affairs while in school. At anytime the Administration and Faculty feel that a student is not in good taste, they shall discuss the matter with him.

  1. For attending classes, occasional wear or sports acceptable as along as it is in good taste.

  2. All students are expected to dress appropriately at all worship services. Grooming must be in vogue with community standards of decency as is viewed by the administration and faculty.

  3. Check yourselves daily for body odor.

V.  Class Materials.

  1. Bibles: Either the King James, New King James and /or American Standard Versions will be accepted for class use. Memory work will be accepted from the New King James version. Modern versions may be used for reference and comparison.

  2. Loose-leaf notebooks are preferred.

1.  If more than one course notes are kept in one binder, dividers should be used.

2.  Do not place irrelevant matter in with notes, especially those to be turned in for grading.

VI.  Library.

  1. Reference works, such as encyclopedias, concordances, and commentaries can be checked out for 24 hours only.

  2. All books should be checked our properly and returned promptly.

  3. No book is to be checked out for more than five days.


 Regulations Information

For All Students

     Students accepted by the Zambia School of Biblical Studies must honor a signed agreement to do all assigned work to enter and remain in school. The same entrance requirements apply to all courses alike.

Class Attendance

     Each student is expected to be in his respective class on time at every session as scheduled. All necessary tardiness or absence must be arranged for with the director and respective instructor to be governed by the following:

  1. Leave of Absence. Such is granted to student under such conditions as are beyond their control  such as road hazards, weather conditions, sickness, death in the immediate family, necessary official business, and representing the school.

  2. Absences and Class Cuts. No absence is permitted, except as indicated in the above paragraph. No class cuts are excused. Each case will be reviewed by the Director and faculty committee. Anyone whose attendance is determined unsatisfactory will be dismissed. Appointments with doctors and dentists should be made for after school and on Saturdays.

  3. Tardiness. Being late to chapel and classes will not be tolerated. Three times tardy equals one unexcused absence; three unexcused absences subject one to dismissal. Anyone habitually tardy for classes at anytime at the beginning of class or after break, is to be refused admittance to class and readmitted only after permission from the director.

For each unexcused absence, the student’s final grade average will reduce five points. A written reason for each tardiness or absence must be presented to the instructor. Unsatisfactory attendance will be reported to the director.

  1. Make-up Work. Each student is held accountable for work missed due to absence for any reason, and will be required to make it up, according to the demands of his respective instructor. In view of the intensive work and accelerated program of this school, any student missing as much as two whole weeks total in any one session may be asked to withdraw. He may re-enter the next or a later term.

Rules of Conduct

  1.  All students are expected to assume proper responsibility as citizens. Any students who are convicted of any law violation will be subject to discipline by the school.

  2. Any words or acts unbecoming a Christian will not be tolerated. At all times, the student must conduct himself with proper decorum and display a proper attitude in all matters pertaining to his school work and toward his fellow students.

  3. Students are not allowed to use tobacco or alcohol at any time and any found doing so will be immediately dismissed. Sexual immorality will also be cause for immediate dismissal.

  4. Although a specific offense may not be committed, if at anytime a student’s attitude and/or demeanor are not in harmony with the spirit and intent of this school, he may be asked to withdraw. This decision will not be subject to review by any other person or group outside of the Zambia School of Biblical Studies, its administration, and instructors.

  5. Two by two rule is to be observed by all students when going off campus. Those who will transgress this rule will be dealt severely unless by permission.

Requirements for Graduation

  1. The student must have demonstrated proper Christian character.

  2. Each student must complete satisfactorily all the prescribed courses.

  3. An overall average of “C” (2.0) must be maintained.

  4. Any student having an “F” or “I” on his record must remove such before graduation.

Attendance at Worship

     Every student is required to attend all services of the Highlands Church of Christ regularly unless arrangements have been made with the Director otherwise. This would include Sunday Bible classes, morning worship, mid-week service and all gospel meetings and seminars.


NOTE: All Student will be required to sign the above form. One copy of this agreement will be placed in each student's file, and one copy is to be retained by every student.