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"And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also" (2 Timothy 2:2).

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Our History

In 1979, the Sullins family went to Kenya, Africa to do mission work for the Lord. While there, they worked in many areas including the slums of Kariobangi as well as the Railway Training Center. While working with the Railway Training Center, Jerry and Edith Sullins met some men from Botswana, Africa, who were soon converted and who showed a great desire to learn more about God and to preach His word. After years of work in Kenya, Africa, Jerry and Edith Sullins were challenged by the Muswana's to start a preacher training school in Botswana, Africa. So, in 1988 after much planning and preparation, Jerry and Edith (less the kids) went to Gaborone, Botswana, Africa to start the Botswana School of Biblical Studies.

After two years in the capital city of Gaborone, the school was moved to the village of Mahalapye about two hours to the north. The school continued to succeed in Mahalapye and prospered for the sake of God. However in 1996, a fellow brother and missionary in Livingstone, Zambia, Africa contacted Jerry Sullins and invited the school to come and relocate on his farm in Zambia, rent free! This brother's name is Loyd Henson. Loyd and Pearl are long time missionaries in southern Zambia.

After much prayer and further planning, the school was moved, and the name was changed to the Zambia School of Biblical Studies. Today, the school has a new facility in Livingstone, Zambia and is prospering well with the capacity to train up to fifty men at a time. However at this time, we are only able train fifteen to twenty-five men due to funding.

In 2003, Jerry and Edith Sullins relocated back to the United States. They now reside in Springfield, Missouri where he serves as an elder of the Kansas Expressway Church of Christ and as the director of the Bible Institute of Missouri. Brother Sullins also works as an advisor and chancellor for the Zambia School of Biblical Studies.

Since brother Jerry Sullins left, brother Peter Masiya served as the director 2004-2005, and brother Amos Simuliye served as the director 2006-2007. Currently, brother Webby Kenabanyama serves as the director.

In addition to the Zambia School of Biblical Studies, many other preacher training schools have arisen through our graduates. There are now schools in Kampala, Uganda; Nairobi, Kenya; Offinso, Ghana; Siamufumba, Kalomo, Zambia; as well as in Zimbabwe. God continues to bless this good work and all of these wondrous efforts to His glory and praise.